My name is Delia López and I’m running for Montebello City Council because our residents deserve a government that works for them. Thanks to my education at Sacred Heart of Mary High School in Montebello, I got accepted to Stanford University where I received my BA in International Relations. After graduating, I worked at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City. I returned and began a career in government relations and now I work with U.S. companies to help them reach their business goals through strategic communications.

As a business professional, I bring the knowledge and tools that are needed to effectively make change possible in our city. Together, through coalition building with the community and organizations, we can change the way business is done in Montebello and secure it’s future moving forward. It’s only through these efforts that we can secure the quality of life for our residents and ensure that future generations have a safe, sustainable and vibrant community to call home.

My vision for what Montebello needs:

  • Leaders that listen and build coalitions with residents and community organizations;
  • Ethical, transparent and open government;
  • Public safety to provide more police and resources;
  • Stable economy with sound finances and business friendly development;
  • Infrastructure improvements like improved streets and parks;
  • Services for our kids, seniors and veterans.